Paris, France


Buy the ticket online. Then you can enter at the side of the Museum (where there is no queue).
Is best to enter at 9am and spend at least 4hrs
You can book a Nintendo DS to help you through the museum.
Highly recommended the Ancient Egypt and Greek scupltures.



Eiffel Tower

There are 3 floors in the tower.Buy tickets to go to the summit. If you try to go to the 2 floor and then decide to go to the top, you will find long queues to buy and for the elevator. You can take the stairs but is a looong way up. You can try to buy online from the Eiffel Tower website but if cannot find tickets try to book a tour in Aviator (most of them include the ticket)

  • First floor
    • Restaurant, Event Hall, Souvenir Store, Park Area, Cafe
  • Second floor
    • Souvenir Store, Cafe
  • Third floor (summit)
    • Eiffel Apartment an awesome view

In Christmas season you can grab something to eat in Champ de Mars.


Arc de Triomphe
You can go up (stairs only) and get a nice view of Paris

Place de la Concorde
Historical spot. You will find the huge Egyptian obelisk

Le Petit Prince Store
Everything related to the Le Petit Prince novel.

Notre Dame Church
You can enter for free!

Conciergerie Museum
Old prison with very interesting history.

Mouling Rouge

Highly recommended. A little bit expensive but worth it.
It could cost around 100-400 euros. There are different types of tickets

  • with wine and dinner
  • with wine
  • only show ticket

There are as well different hours for the show. Keep looking at the ticket website to catch good prices.

Sacre Coeur

Entry costs less that 10 euros.
You can climb to the dome (around 300 stairs). Open hours: 10am – 5:30pm. Is best to go in the afternoon to see the Eiffel tower lit.

Montparnasse Cemetery
Resting place of artists and writers

Very popular restaurant zone. You could find good restaurants but most of them overpriced.

Nice place to do shopping. You can find the most popular brands of fashion on the same avenue.


Very beautiful gardens just across the Eiffel Tower

Internet (Wifi / SIM card)

You can buy a SIM card in any Relay store
More info here.

You can find wi-fi in most cafes and restaurants.


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Public Transportation

Buy the 10 tickets package in any metro station (14.90 euros).
Those are valid fro 90 min to 2 hrs. They are valid for metro, bus and tram.
More info here:

From Airport to the City

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Special Notes
  • Be careful with pickpockets in crowded places
  • Don’t let the street sales guys to approach you to seel you anything or put something on you (like a bracelet)
    • They will try to charge you for no reason